Adam Lister

New York

“My process deals with taking the memory of an image, and highlighting its complexity and simplicity at the same time. These paintings are influenced by geometric thinking and a desire to capture the briefness of a mental picture.”
– Adam Lister
Born in 1978, Adam Lister received his B.F.A. in Painting from The School of Visual Arts (New York).
Based on the reinterpretations of iconic paintings of women from art history, Lister breaks down classic portraits to his signature flat, cubist-like, 8-bit-esque compositions through depicting them through his memory, then lets his audience analyze the images’ complexities and similarities at the same time.
Recent exhibitions: Guy Hepner (New York), Arsham Fieg Gallery (New York), BAPE (Japan & New York), Spoke Art (New York & San Francisco), Yellowstone Art Museum (Montana), Vertical Gallery (Chicago), Galerie Sakura (Paris), and Just Another Gallery (San Diego).
Adam Lister lives and works in Beacon, New York
via Guy Hepner