Joey Yu


Expression, curiosity and ambience is at the centre of Joey Yu’s illustrations. Her practice is an autobiographical reflection of the busy world around her and although she’s at the dawn of a bright future, she has already worked with some big name clients include The New York Times, ASOS and The British Council. 

She’s also an animator and a curator and has recently put on shows at the ICA and Tate. If you’re familiar with Joey’s illustrations, you’ll understand why her vividly tender work has gained so much traction. Her style is distinctive to her experience, identity and her unique influences range from short stories to Asian graphics. She’s full of spirit and virtuosity and like many exciting illustrators working today, Joey is an absorber of her environment and a storyteller at heart.
The most noteworthy thing about Joey is that she doesn’t limit herself. Her willingness to place herself into unknown fields, aesthetics and spaces is a refreshing reminder of why artists should never be pigeonholed. As big fans of her work, we visited Joey’s colourful home studio to discuss her love of fashion and fiction, whether art school prepares you for the real world and why it’s possible to create your own opportunities by believing in yourself and being persistent. 
by Kadish Morris for